So, here we are. 13 days ago I celebrated my 25th birthday, my quarter of a century as everyone kept telling me! And I always thought at the ripe old age of 25 I would have my life on track, I would know what I’m doing with my life and have it completely under control. However, it has come to my attention recently, and maybe mainly through the medium of Facebook memes, that no one else really knows what they’re doing, especially at this age! So I decided that since everyone else on the Internet has a voice and an opinion on everything that I may as well add to it.

So who am I? My name is Eloise. It’s already been established that I am 25, and I live in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, with my wonderful, sometimes irritating but mostly wonderful, other half Mitch and our two furbabies Bronx the American Bulldog and Delilah the three-legged Mastiff x Greyhound x who knows what rescue dog.

And what am I doing creating a blog you may ask? Well I’m not too sure either to be perfectly honest. I’m not creative, I’m not a new mum and I’m not an expert on anything, but I like writing. I know I mean something to a few people (I hope!) but in the big, wide world, I’m just a little speck, just another blog on the internet, bordering on being a nobody. But I will write about my daily musings which can include anything from the adventures of my two boofhead dogs, my attempt at creating a new career in the near future, my weight loss and hopefully exercise journey, a music review or two (I spend as much of my day as possible listening to Triple J and only Triple J), or just everyday miscellaneous doings living life in the tropics. But I know there are a lot of others in the same boat as me, facing the outside world and smiling like we got it going on, but silently screaming and repeating ‘what the f….’ to ourselves way more than we feel we should.

So what do I hope to achieve? Who knows, but hey let’s have fun! I laugh, I cry (a lot) and I want to share my view of the world, and as I sit here watching repeats of Brooklyn 99 (great show by the way, one of the very few shows Mitch and I agreed on and felt way too lost when we finished both seasons), and with Bronx licking my ankle for some unknown reason, I’m excited, and I hope that a few others will share my journey with me!

Lots of love,