So I was so excited to write about a pretty important anniversary that came up yesterday, a massive chapter in my life, but I woke up with that feeling in your throat yesterday, and I loaded myself up on pineapple but it was no use. By last night I had the full blown flu. Severe temperature and aches all over, just touching my skin hurt, and it was painful to walk!

So today’s topic is really just me in a flu haze. I took the day off work, something I don’t do often, mainly because of the guilt I feel when I know I could at least accomplish sitting at my desk for a day even if it’s not productive, but mainly because at the minute I am still in a temp job so I don’t accrue sick leave, so it’s less pay next week. Goodie!

At least the two puppers feel my pain, whenever one or both of us is sick and spends a majority of the day in bed or on the couch they also believe they are dying and must stay in bed also. Bronx particularly today believed he was so sick he had to sleep on the new mattress, regardless of our numerous attempts of no, but he’ll keep trying!

But at least it’s not man flu, because if it was man flu I would be in the hospital, on death’s doorstep, and it would be expected that everyone drop anything to look after me. I am partially kidding, I know the women understand! Especially since I was still expected to leave the house to go pay bills, a case of man flu would never let me do that!

To be fair, the last time I was sick, which wasn’t so long ago as the office I work in is over-air conditioned, which you wouldn’t think would be a problem in the tropics but it’s a problem when people are wearing jumpers and scarves to work and bringing in blankets! But the last time I was sick I was looked after well, I’ll give him credit. I was put into a bath with a bucket of hot water and Vicks and told to stay in as long as I could breathing it in, and I think he also lit a few of my candles for me. Mitch isn’t the best with feelings and such (which is self-confessed, not just me saying that) but he still manages to surprise me all the time. He shows he cares in actions rather than words.

So I think this is enough sitting up for today, the rain has been falling steadily (which is unusual for September and I’m sick of it as September is the best month in Cairns in my opinion, but it’s perfect for a sick day), I’ve pulled the spare mattress into the media room just like when I was a kid, and have been watching chick flicks. I love Sex and The City but geez I’m still annoyed at Carrie for choosing Big, he’s just such a twat! And he left her at the altar! As well as everything else he put her through the years! I still like Aiden but yes he wasn’t right for her, but still. Not Big.

I think it’s going to be Bridget Jones next. Oh Hugh Grant.

Lots of love,


SONG RECOMMENDATION – Standing in the Rain – Action Bronson, Mark Ronson and Dan Auerbach

LANGUAGE WARNING. It’s a bit derogatory and offensive, and it’s not for everyone but for some reason I just love this song. The simple chorus with Action Bronson lyrics in between, it makes me feel a bit gangster, and we’ve all gotta feel a bit gangster sometimes, especially when you feel like shite. Play it loud.