I am going start this off saying I am a people pleaser. I am pretty much the chick on Mean Girls crying “I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy”, that is genuinely what I think. I don’t want to intentionally upset or piss off anyone. But everything I write is purely my opinion. I am absolutely loving all the people that have reached out to me after my previous blogs, please continue to do so, and if you ever want to educate me on something I say then please do, however please do so in a nice way, I’m sensitive and have feelings.

All these issues about racism and homophobia in the media have really got me thinking. It’s got me and everyone else very opinionated, and I may need to split this up into two blogs so I don’t end up writing an essay.

So today’s topic will mainly be about the issue of this ridiculous gay marriage plebiscite and what this could mean.

I will touch on racism only by saying that both race and homosexuality are classed as minority groups, however both groups are treated very differently. Yes I am a straight Caucasian woman and don’t belong to either minority, but I will still have my say.

What I don’t understand is we are all humans, regardless of the colour of our skin and how we were brought up and what footy team we follow, under our skin we all look the same. What I don’t understand is how we should not treat people any differently because of the colour of their skin, yet this talk of #blacklivesmatter, why don’t all lives matter? The media and people are getting up in arms if anyone is described by their skin colour and saying how wrong it is and we can’t say anything slightly offensive about anyone regarding their race.

But then if we shouldn’t be causing segregation because of race, then why is it happening with sexuality?

I’m not going to deny, Australia has a bit of a dark history. To put it lightly, Aboriginals were treated pretty shitty by the early settlers. But in the past the LGBT community has been treated pretty shitty as well. In pretty recent times it was illegal to be homosexual. Illegal. Illegal to be something that you were born as. What the actual fuck.

It’s common knowledge that Australia is completely behind the times in regard to gay marriage. The public have been screaming for this to happen for some time now, and it’s at the point now that it’s really getting embarrassing. Every politician promises that they are going to legalise an act that doesn’t really concern anyone else, and it still hasn’t happened. Wow, anyone would think it was still the 1900’s. Maybe we’ll start stoning as a form of punishment again too while we’re at it.

And now finally when we think we’re getting somewhere, the government announces this plebiscite that is going to cost the tax payer $160 million for a yes/no question. When 75% of the nation already say that gay marriage should be legal. Despite the fact it doesn’t concern anyone else except the people getting married. Politician logic.

But the real concern is what is going to happen once this stupid, useless plebiscite goes ahead. A lot of people of the LGBT community have come forward on social media to explain how they don’t want this to happen. A great post I read was by comedian Hannah Gadsby. She spoke about when she was growing up in the 90’s in Tasmania a similar thing happened except this time it was about legalising homosexuality. Again, what the actual fuck. She spoke about how all these horrific things were being said about gay people, amplified by the media, and how this caused such self-hatred and made her feel less of a human. No one should ever be made to feel like that, it shouldn’t even have to be said. It’s bad enough seeing these nutters on Facebook commenting whatever ridiculous arguments they have (usually due to what the bible has told them, yet will claim it to be out of date when questioned about things such as stoning as a form of punishment), but once this plebiscite takes hold and people are being paid to fight their pointless argument on why it shouldn’t be allowed, and throw hate around like confetti, it’s going to be an absolute shitstorm. And people love drama, especially when it doesn’t personally concern them.

My biggest concern is for young people, just discovering themselves. Again, I’m not gay but from what I have heard and seen it seems to be that people that are gay generally know from a young age, which makes sense as it is how they are born. But once they reach an age where they are ready to start telling friends and family, you want them to be able to feel safe and able to open up, when they may be feeling at their most vulnerable. And if they are trying to do this at a time when the media and all the nutters are telling them that it’s wrong and they are wrong, then this is going to have a serious impact. I worry that suicide rates will increase, purely down to this fact. In a young, vulnerable state all it needs is that seed of doubt planted by the media to cause a hell of a lot of destruction in these minds. These kids are just like any other kid, they need to know this. It’s not a label, it doesn’t define who you are. I have someone close to me battling mental illness and I try to explain all the time that it’s a part of them, but it doesn’t mean that is all that they are. It just frustrates the hell out of me that this is what we are going to endure if this plebiscite goes ahead, as they apparently have to advertise for and against arguments, apparently we can’t just randomly say “hey, on this day the polls will be open, feel free to make your own mind up and vote yes or no”. And apparently we can’t just say “yes as of today gay marriage is legal. Because it doesn’t involve anyone else. Also the rest of the world has made it legal.”

Another point I thought of recently, the government is always going on about creating more jobs for Australians and supporting Australian businesses, if gay marriage was legal can you imagine how many more weddings there would be? And think about how many small businesses there are that cater to weddings? Venue hire, catering, equipment hire, decorations, stationery, florists, dresses, suits, wedding cakes, outfits guests are buying, accommodation for people travelling, the list goes on! If there are more weddings there’s more business, and if there’s more business there’s a demand for more staff, it’s simple! The government wants to create more jobs, this is a way to create more jobs, WHY ARE THEY FIGHTING IT?! IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!!

Anyway, I think I’ve made my point. If you don’t support gay marriage for a valid reason outside of what shite the bible tells you to believe, I’d love to hear it. We all just need to be good people. It’s not hard. Treat others as you would like to be treated. And remember, cakes of rainbows and love everybody.

Lots of love,




Act Ur Age – Bliss N Eso

I was going to say that the government really needs to act their age, but this song is kind of saying the opposite to the point I’m making. Point still remains, do what you want to do, as long as you’re having fun and not hurting anyone else. Also I can white girl rap this word for word.