I have been fully warned that the hangovers get worse as you get older, and I thought I was fully prepared for this to happen, I thought it would happen gradually and I knew that they were worse than when I was 18, but god they just seem to hit like a truck now.

Saturday night was meant to be a quiet night, a couple of drinks and home early to save money and because Mitch was driving and I know how much he hates not having a drink with mates on a Saturday night, especially grand final weekend (he had made a point of telling me that he has never EVER driven grand final weekend). So we went to Mitch’s brother in law’s to watch the AFL final (go Bulldogs!!! Completely jumped on the bandwagon) and needless to say I was a bit pissed when we left but I still meant for it to be an early night. We were going out to Redlynch, half an hour away, for going away drinks for my friend Tanya who is leaving me for Brisbane. Anyway an hour later all attempts of an early night and a desi driver were out the window, karaoke was pumping, I was having drinks handed to me, all the middle aged women were loving Mitch (it always happens for some reason, I think it’s to do with his cheeky smile and ratbag attitude!), and then somehow it’s 2am and we’re all being booted from the pub. An expensive taxi ride and $50 of Maccas later we’re home.

I thought I had my alcohol tolerance sorted. I used to be such a weak drunk and it didn’t take much to have me vomiting the next morning, usually anything vodka related which was all I drank as a teeny bopper, but after years of experience now, I’ve worked out that cider works best for me, I had a month travelling around Canada 2 years ago and drinking cider every single night and never had a hangover, it was great! But no, apparently once hitting 25 all your hard working research goes out the window. So after eating my amazing, disgusting McChicken burger and everything else it all came up 10 minutes later. How the hell did that happen.

Then to top it off, my hangovers now have started playing cruel, cruel tricks on me. We’re all used to waking up feeling like absolute shite but at least you know it will end, you’ve just gotta ride out pain, crying, the feeling of impending doom and occasional vomiting for a few hours but that point will come where you think you are going to make it to the end of the day. But no, for me I now wake up feeling OK, no pain, no nausea and think ‘This is fantastic! I’m alive!’ and then going about my normal day until anywhere between 3-5.30pm in the afternoon when BAM! I’m actually dying. Which of course anyone around me, generally Mitch, is over their hangover and forgotten the agony of it all and then I’m generally terrorised for it.

Don’t take this the wrong way, this isn’t a regular thing for me. I’ve really cut back on my drinking in the last few months. I used to always buy alcohol, even just to have a few on a Friday night after a long week and then a few more on Saturday night, just because it was Saturday, it seems to be the Queensland way, but I’ve been good, I’m not drinking nearly as much as I used to.

Oh to have the energy and alcohol pain tolerance of a young person again. All those times I would drink, go out, get home at 5am, maybe sleep a bit, vomit up my stomach lining and still feel up to doing it all over again few days later. The hangovers were bad then, but generally by 1pm I’d be good to go. I had a hangover last three days recently. How did I ever do it? I would drink sugary vodka fuelled drinks like there was no tomorrow, then dance the night away, these days I’m lucky if I’m still awake at 1am. And it’s only going to get worse still!

I remember a long time ago, I went through a wonderful phase of about 8 months where I just didn’t get hangovers, no matter how much I drank. It was magical. Then I got too cocky. I remember the fateful day that it all came to a head, of course whilst in the drivethru of Maccas (it’s a common theme) when I had to open the car door and spew on to the concrete (no judgement, we’ve all been there, except if you’re Mitch who is watching over my shoulder and telling me he’s judging me very harshly because supposedly he’s never done anything like it, knowing his wild child ways I very much doubt that!)

So I know we’ve all had a bad hangover or two, or three or four, and will probably continue to put ourselves through this pain, and it will get worse and worse as we get older. There should be a but as part of this but I really can’t think of it. I’m just really glad I didn’t try to write this yesterday whilst hungover.

Drink responsibly.

Lots of love,



Micro Wars – Kingswood

Fergus’s voice. Ohh it’s good. And the song just has a really good message that I really relate to – don’t grow up too quickly. You say I’m immature, but baby what’s the rush to get old, I may be insecure, but least I’ve got the guts to be bold.