Last week we had a big money scare. Those who know me know Mitch had an accident at the start of the year which resulted in surgery in May which he is still slowly recovering from, shoulders unfortunately take a long time. And we are relying on Work Cover to look after him until he can go back to his normal trade. But Work Cover are starting to get a little restless, and last week decided to cut back his payments by $200 a week as apparently his medical and OT certificates had expired, and instead of giving him any notice just cut him back.

We had a pretty scary realisation that we may be very short on money for a long time until he heals, or I get complete job security (I have accepted a new job offer which is fantastic but still only a temporary contract which should be ongoing, but can’t rely on that being a definite) and that I might need to take over some of the mortgage and other financials, as well as limiting our lives a lot. Thankfully we seem to have Work Cover back on track after a few long days and all is right again. I’ve been thinking the whole situation through, and although we’re not pulling in the big bucks, we’re comfortable as long as nothing goes too wrong. And it’s so cliché, but you really don’t need money to feel rich. It does help a lot don’t get me wrong, but I’ve realised I’m so much richer than I thought.

I have a home, not just a house, a real home, somewhere I truly looking forward to coming back to every single day. I’ve got a good man that loves me, looks after me, and pushes me to be the best version of myself, he is the best man I know and there is no one else I would share my life with. I know it wasn’t that long ago I was writing about feeling so lost, but everything in my life seems to change so quickly, and despite what we’ve been through the last 10 months, and despite the fact my cat in Victoria is very sick and I am completely devastated by that fact, right now I am really fucking happy and satisfied with my life. I’ve also got my two dogs with their unconditional love to greet me each day, whether I’ve been at work all day or gone to the supermarket for 10 minutes. I want to be with them all every single day. One day soon I will go into detail about my two boofheads and how much they mean to me. I’ve also been asked by Mitch when he gets a shout out (because he is soooo deprived), like I hadn’t been planning on doing one already. Soon, my boy, soon.

I have a wonderful family. I am so far away from everyone but at the same time I feel like it has brought me closer to them, because the time I get to spend with my family now is so special. It’s now been over 3 months since I last saw them and it’s beginning to become a stretch, but I know I will see them again very soon. I have written about my family before and how incredible they all are, and my extended family did miss out in that blog but if I could have written about every single relative I would have, because I love them all. Every single person in my family supports me and loves me, which seems quite rare these days. I should also mention my adopted family, Mitch’s family, who I have taken to be my own family in Cairns, who I feel have invited me into their lives. They are all very special to me as well.

I live in the best place in the world. I fell in love with Cairns when first coming here on holiday, and I knew then how special the place was after spending a short week here. Cairns is just beautiful and like nowhere else in the world. We have freshwater creeks in the rainforest perfect for swimming 10 minutes down the road. We have beautiful beaches with palm trees for shade just 40 minutes up the road. We have rainforest that leads straight onto the beach not far up the road from there. We have the Great Barrier Reef just out on the water, and bushland less than an hour inland. Cairns is a city with a small town feeling. I always said I would give myself two years here and reassess, but even my mum knew within a couple of months that I wasn’t coming back.

And actual money-wise, I have nearly anything I could need. I’ve never been a good saver or budgeter, and I’ve never really needed to, but I’m starting to learn now. Mitch owns the house we’re in so we can do work to it as we want and I can pay my way towards that. I can go buy anything I need at any time, I don’t need to overly stress about not being able to afford to eat or pay bills or anything else to survive at certain times. I’ve never had a loan and I’ve never had a credit card, though I’m now looking at getting both, at 25 I think I can now be responsible enough to handle both.

I laugh a lot, I joke around, I can do what I want, when I want. I have a damn good life and I am forever grateful for it, because there are so many others who don’t have the luxuries that I do, simple luxuries like these. And I like the small, simple moments in life, these are usually the best times, simple everyday moments.

There is so much more that makes my life rich and satisfying, but these are a couple of points that come to mind. I made Mitch watch About Time the other night, such a great chick flick, everyone needs to see it, but *SPOILER ALERT* the ultimate message of the movie is to enjoy each moment as it happens, that is the key to happiness. And sometimes I need to step back and enjoy all these small moments as they happen, because you don’t know when things will change. Life moves so quickly now, there is so much daily life stress that people can quickly become unhappy and focus on the negatives. There is always richness in your life, you just need to take a moment to realise it.

Lots of love,




Into My Arms – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Such an oldie but such a goodie. It’s in the movie About Time so of course I had to include it, but just such a beautiful song and I feel like it just brings peace whenever it comes on. Yesterday one of Mitch’s mates was over and they were laughing and joking around and this song came on, and they just stopped and we all sang along quietly to it. It was kind of beautiful, not that the boys would ever admit that. It’ll be in my wedding one day.