Right, following up on my last blog, it’s time to put a plan into action. Things are finally starting to slow down for me so it’s time to start working on myself. So I am going to publicly pledge what I need to do for myself to improve myself and my quality of life, and if anyone wants to do any or all of it with me, please do it!!

I publicly pledge to work on my study and career. I enrolled in a Bachelor of Psychological Science last year and a Diploma of Human Resources this year after deferring my bachelor. Yes the two do interlink but in other ways they are vastly different, and it’s obvious I was feeling lost and unsatisfied with my job. I always thought I would stay in admin until I started a family and once that was all under control I might look at further study or a career change. That need came a lot sooner than I anticipated. So I need to stop making excuses because a career change isn’t going to happen on its own, and studying isn’t going to happen on its own. Yes, it is acknowledged that distance study is more difficult and the self-motivation is hard, but it’s a terrible excuse. There is a job coming up in HR that I really want, and I have a shot at it because I have said that I am studying towards it. So I need to stop saying it and actually do it.

I publicly pledge to make more time. More time to do things around the house, more quality time to spend with Mitch and the two dogs, and more time to do the things I want, to work on the projects I’ve been talking about for ages, to go out for coffee with friends, to wander around markets, to explore more of the area I live in. So much of my time outside of work is wasted on procrastinating and flicking endlessly through social media. I admit I am addicted. And I know, it’s ironic that I am writing for something that will be published on Facebook. But I’ll just go to quickly check it and all of a sudden it’s half an hour later and the washing hasn’t been done and dinner hasn’t been started and I’m stressed out because I feel like I have no time. I have it, I’m just not using it properly. And I’m so sick of talking about all this stuff I want to do. I want to get creative and make things, I want to try to make furniture out of pallets, I think it would be really fun, and I may be completely useless at it but at least I will have tried. I’m also sick of talking about wanting to get back into music and not doing anything. It may be harder to get my cello and all my sheet music up here, but I bought a guitar two years ago to teach myself and I still haven’t done it.

And my biggest one, and the one I need the most help with, I publicly pledge to look after my body and get it into great shape. Six months ago I was introduced to a fantastic program, a lifestyle change instead of a diet, and all the tools are given with a simple process to follow, and it really worked, I had so much energy, I felt fantastic, and for the first time in a long time I was happy with how I looked. I could even see that Mitch appreciated it more. So why did I get so slack? All the weight I lost I’ve put back on and I’m back to how I’m feeling 6 months ago. It’s too easy to make excuses and take the easy route instead of working towards something. As well as the food plan I was added to a Facebook group with all these other women using the same products, all these amazing women empowering each other, doing amazing things, and I still see all these posts pop up and instead of empowering me I feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I’ve nearly removed myself from it a few times. Again, a piss poor excuse. So now, no more excuses, I’m going to get back into healthy eating, because I want that feeling and that energy back, and I’m going to start exercising more. Tonight I took the dogs for a walk, and even if it was a short one and we had to stop every 5 meters so Bronx could snuffle everything in the vicinity, I already feel a tiny bit better about myself. And all these empowering women in the Facebook groups are now doing gym sessions and I want in on that as well. I want to do the fitness classes, I want to go to the gym, I want to run the dogs ragged, I want to try out all sorts of exercises and if there are people in Cairns that want to do it with me then I would absolutely love that! I’m ready to get my fitness freak on!

I will write every week or so with updates, maybe this will be the ongoing theme of my blog, my road to success (but only if it works!). But in the meantime, I’ve got applications to write, studying to do, and dinner to make.

Lots of love,


PS. My cover photo for this blog I absolutely hate, but it was the only photo we got together at this wedding. The hairdresser stuffed up my hair so I was on the back foot already, but I just look overweight and I know I wasn’t happy with myself then. Acknowledging this and linking it to what I want to change is hard for me to see, but it’s what needs to be done.



You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me – Alex Lahey

A good belter. This chick is pretty new on the scene but she’s definitely going places. And my kind of genre, good strong semi-angry girl music.