So as I write this, I’m sitting on a plane back to Melbourne, and I’m listening to Magnolia by Gang of Youths. It is my song recommendation (spoiler alert!) but shit it is a good song, I actually can’t explain it, just download and put it up loud and scream!

So yes, on a plane for my second emergency flight home this year. Unfortunately my pop passed away very suddenly Thursday night, so we are all in shock, but the bittersweet side of it is all the family in congregating again, and this time I will see cousins I haven’t seen in years, and as sad as it is going to be, unfortunately funerals are the best for bringing families together again, and we’ll have time to sit, talk, laugh, cry and reminisce. And the absolute best part (other than having THE PERFECT embarrassing video for him) it’s my brother Henry’s 21st and he doesn’t know I’m coming, so it’s going to be wonderful. So yes, this is going to be posted a bit late as I can’t risk him reading it!

But other than this, my week has been good, and I have made headway on my pledge. I have achieved a lot this week. I got stuff done, and didn’t feel like I was stressed for time, it wasn’t perfect and my studies were neglected, but I’m not Superwoman, baby steps, baby steps!

I exercised through the week, I ran the dogs ragged a few times (which actually isn’t that hard but it sounds good) and this morning caught up with a couple of girlfriends early on a Saturday morning, so I sacrificed my Saturday morning sleep in, and we walked the Red Arrow, a local mini hike. One of these girls contacted me after my last blog, and to have this motivation with great friends is the best feeling, so whilst we walked and puffed, we talked and laughed, and it really was just what I needed!

I also made time for a good friend. We haven’t known each other very long but she has very quickly become an important person in my life, and she needed a break, so I broke my healthy eating and we got cheesecake, and despite we spend most days at work talking, we sat and talked for hours until it was dark and her boyfriend was wondering where she was. Again, it was just wonderful, and having all these friendships come into my life have just changed my outlook and my happiness in a massive way. I can be myself, I can open up and be completely real.

So whilst the next week isn’t really going to be about exercising and healthy eating, it will be about family, and that is the most important thing. I’m seeing my family again after over 4 months so I am really missing them. Tomorrow is going to be a good day, celebrating my brother surviving to turning 21 despite all the stupid things he has done over the years, including making it to Current Affair for being a “toolie” in Phuket, probably a lot of things I don’t want to know about, and embarrassing him by plastering videos of him singing and dancing to Nikki Webster’s ‘Strawberry Kisses’ all over Facebook. Happy birthday Henry.

So to sign off, I’m putting Gang of Youths back on to lift me up and get me ready for the days ahead.

Lots of love,





Magnolia – Gang of Youths

Just, ahhhh, so so good. The lead singer isn’t afraid to speak out about the mental illness he has battled, and just this song you can feel his determination, it’s a real fighting song. Listening to their set at Splendour was just breathtaking, it would have been just amazing to be there. As I said, put it on and scream along to it, which I’m really struggling not to do right now on the plane.

There’s no way tonight, as far as I know, that heaven will take me, so I’m staggering home.

Wretched and wild, all glory and trash, yeah I’m drunk but I’m ready, to kick some fucking ass.