Here I am again, sitting on a plane, now heading back to Cairns after my week crossing Victoria back and forth. I probably should have split this up over a few entries but there really hasn’t been time in the last 7 days.

What a week. There has been so many laughs, tears, talking, travel and sleep deprivation but for coming down for a funeral, it really has been wonderful.

I managed to keep my arrival secret, and the look on Henry’s face when he walked through the door and saw me there for his 21st birthday really was the best (and apparently the words spoken were along the lines of ‘are you fucking joking me’ so I’m happy with that reaction!), spending the afternoon with both sides of my family, and despite only seeing most people only a few months ago it is always wonderful spending time with them, as I’ve said before it’s precious time to me and no more do I take it for granted after being so far away and catch ups a lot more sparse. I also got to meet my beautiful three month old second cousin Harlow, and spent a lot of time cuddling and bouncing her up and down, it’s very naïve I know but my cousin makes having a new born and travelling across the country with her so easy! I could do that!!


Tuesday night I landed in Hamilton for a quick overnight trip, and I do need to be careful what I wish before because it can come true, and by flying down I was able to see my cat Milly for what will most likely be the last time, she is very sick and frail but still was happy to see me and I’m so glad I got to spend time with her for one last time, as she has meant a lot to me over the last 16/17 years. A pet is never just a pet, they make a massive impact on your life and going home isn’t going to be the same without her being there.

Wednesday morning I was gone again and on the train from Warrnambool to Melbourne hoping to get into the Matt and Alex 5 Raves in 5 Days as they prepared to leave Triple J. It was planned I would take the train but that morning Alex had announced his dad, the famous Mr Ian Dyson, would also be taking the train from Warrnambool, which of course got mum all excited, she just loves Mr Dyson and was nearly wetting herself at the thought of meeting him. He did end up being on the same train as me and because mum was watching him like a hawk she put me on the same carriage as him but then went all shy and couldn’t bring herself to talk to him!! But during the train ride (after about 30-45mins pepping myself up) I went and sat down next to him, seeing him with the holy grail his hand written notebook of album reviews for the year, and with the intention of only saying hello he asked me all about myself, my life in Cairns, my life in Hamilton and then asked if he could pick my brain about my favourite songs for the year, well I was stoked! The poor man sat and listened to me ramble about everything I loved, including songs from previous years which didn’t really help him, but he listened to every word I said, then came and sat with me later in our journey to continue our conversation after I thought I should leave him alone, he was just such a genuine, lovely man!

He had also asked my plans for getting to the party, as it was a first in best dressed, free event, and said that if I was to see him whilst I was in line to call out to him and he would see what he could do for me. It was a lovely offer but I didn’t expect him to do anything for me, as I knew there would be a lot of people there. But as Henry and I arrived to 170 Russell St a lot later than planned in our fluoro getup, we thought we had no chance of getting in as we saw the line that snaked around the corner and up several blocks, however 15 minutes later I saw Mr Dyson, to everyone else just a passer by with a coffee (later discovered to actually be champagne) looking at the line of people, but I knew who he was and what he was doing, and as I caught his eye and he pulled us out of the line, you could sense the crowd of people click who this person was, as they saw us go past 500+ people to the front of the line, and introduced to the doorman as ‘special guests’ of his, we felt like celebrities!! And as he took us inside to the curtained off area to which he brought out Matt and Alex to personally meet us, I felt like I was in a dream! The rest of the night was just incredible, an amazing crowd with everyone there to celebrate Matt and Alex, everyone having fun and singing along to each song, it was truly like nothing else I had ever experienced. And then when Peking Duk walked out on stage as the special guests, the look on Henry’s face most likely mirrored mine as we just screamed at each other. As well as the atmosphere being amazing, it was also just great to party with my little brother, we don’t always get quality time like this, and it was just an all over special night.

The next day was the real reason I was down, to attend the funeral and say goodbye to dad’s dad, my pop. A quiet, gentle, humble man, it was a small but perfect service that fully reflected him and his life, and again seeing more of the family I hadn’t seen in a long time, as exhausted as I was it was a special day for us all that again brought everyone together.

Friday was my last full day before flying home, and by this stage I was just knackered, I had been going from Melbourne to Hamilton to the Mornington Peninsula to Gippsland and I didn’t feel like there was a time that I was doing nothing, I had been constantly on the move, and although I hadn’t been driving it was a lot to take in, my voice had been cracking and squeaking for days just with all the screaming and talking non-stop for a week. However there was still more to come. Last night I managed to get last minute tickets to 2Cellos, a Croatian duet well known for their covers of classic songs, and my god it was just amazing. Their rock covers were so good, and although I’m not a fan of ACDC and Michael Jackson you couldn’t not sing along and they made it a very fun concert, not a traditional classical music concert in the slightest, and even mum was up screaming and dancing! Despite this, when they were at their best was when it was just the two of them on stage, covering the slow lyrical pieces such as U2, Coldplay, Sting but my absolute favourite was With or Without you. Just goosebumps. And now I am really missing my cello so I’m hinting at a roadtrip with my cello up to Cairns when dad is fully recovered, which was being planned already but now I am wanting it more than ever, the show was very inspiring.

So now it’s over, and I’m flying back to Cairns, back to real life. It is always so bizarre to me when I come home on my own, it’s like my life in Cairns doesn’t exist, that Mitch, Bronx and Delilah are all a dream, and no time has passed since I last left Victoria, and although my life is in Cairns now and always will be, Victoria will always be home for me. It is all very bittersweet as of course I’ve had to say goodbye to everyone again, never an easy thing to do for me, but at least this time I have a timeline, I will be back down in March for my cousin’s wedding, so knowing when I’ll see everyone again always makes it a lot easier for me. And although I’ve said a couple of final goodbyes in this week, being able to be here has meant the world to me, to be with my family again. These situations always come with their silver linings.

Lots of love,




Sandstorm – Darude

Of course. It couldn’t be anything else after the rave, everyone in that room was waiting for this song to play, and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest. If you haven’t seen my Instagram video go check it out, I feel it accurately shows the atmosphere in the club if you want to feel what it was like to be there.