Originally I wasn’t going to write anything, anything I thought about writing just seemed cheesy and really obvious. Or it was just going to literally be “Thanks 2016, now fuck right off”. I thought about writing all the shit that happened then talking about the silver linings, but that didn’t feel right either. So I don’t know what this is going to be, but I haven’t written in a while so I probably should say something. Even as I read back I’m still not really happy with this but fuck it.

No denying it’s been a crap year, those close to me know what’s happened for both myself and Mitch, and for me it’s been the most testing to date. I’m not one to like drama and there was already too much drama halfway through the year.

But here I am, still standing at the end of it, with 8hrs left before I can kiss its arse goodbye.

So, tonight I will let go of what’s happened this year, and forget about the pain it caused me and realise what it’s taught me, and prepare for 2017 because it’s going to be my year, it’s going to be our year. Because shit we need it. None of this new year new me bullshit, I’m still me but I’m just a tougher version, I have an idea of what I can withstand now and how I can use that to my advantage. I’m done with the shit.

And it’s going to end well. We’re camping in the bush, I am covered in mozzie/midgie bites, sitting here in my knickers enjoying the breeze because it’s the only form of cooling we have, other than the cold water outdoor shower by the highway that may or may not be recycled water, I’ll see if I get sick from it. But I actually wouldn’t have it any other way (except if I was drinking margarita’s at my friend’s house) because ultimately I’ve got everything I need here.

Peace out. Drink semi-responsibly. End the year with a bang and let’s fucking do this 2017. I’m so ready to start again.

Lots of love,




Stranger – Peking Duk

Matt and Alex Rave. Holy shit, this was amazing. And a good banger. I will playing this a lot tonight as I dance in my knickers around the bush.