I know I haven’t been writing much the last few months, I feel I’ve lost my groove a little bit, I don’t feel like there’s any consistency or intrigue to my writing, but more about that later, I’ve got a music festival to review.

Sunday was my first Groovin the Moo since 2009. A festival designed to venture outside the capital city boundaries, and every year it gets better and better. Fun fact, my last GTM in 2009 was in Bendigo as I was still living in Victoria, and Mitch’s last GTM was also 2009 in Townsville, so we were essentially at the same festival just in different locations!

I wanted to get there early because I wanted to see everything that the day had to offer, and man I’m glad I did, because the first act of the day I saw was a group called Confidence Man. I’d describe their style as a bit 90’s, colourful and quirky, but with sass. Their stage presence was awesome, with the keyboard player and guitarist wearing all black and black veils, the male singer wearing a baggy long sleeve top and footy shorts with long, 90’s style hair, and the female wearing what we decided as pantaloons-esque shorts with a matching crop top, and they danced and partied with their own little dance routines, and man, it was the best way to open the festival. I really really loved these guys! Songs worth checking out are Bubblegum and Boyfriend (Repeat).


Next up was L Fresh the Lion, we were in the over 18’s area so it was difficult to see inside the tent where he was performing, but Mitch had seen him last year in Perth and highly rates him and from what I could see he was good, I know his music anyway with his hip hop style singing about growing up in India. We made it back into the under 18’s area to get up close to see Amy Shark perform. We weren’t too sure if we would stay or if we’d bail and go to the other stage to see Allday, but once she started we weren’t leaving. Her music I didn’t know was awesome with her belting it out, she performed her new song Weekends, and then surprised the whole crowd by doing a cover of Superman by Eminem, before having the whole crowd sing along to Adore. Super, super cool.


We then sat and listened to a bit of K.Flay and Against Me! that Mitch really enjoyed as that’s his style of music before we set the meeting spot to split up, Mitch going off to Architects and me going off in my I’m A Fantastic Wreck tshirt I’d just bought (along with a Smith Street Band tshirt because decisiveness is not my strong suit) to see Montaigne. I’d been waiting for this and she did not disappoint. Dressed snazzily in her op shop garments, Montaigne just killed it. Her voice is so unique, so beautiful, her style is amazing, her annunciation as I’ve said previously is perfect, and she is just a  great performer. I started out in the middle of the crowd but soon realised I could get to the fence line on the edge of the crowd and still be able to see her perfectly, very glad I did as she saw me in her tshirt and quickly poked her tongue out at me mid-performance to which I promptly burst into happy tears. I went to the signing tent later to meet her as well, I can’t actually remember what I said, something about crying and she said that she did remember seeing me! My favourite songs of hers are I’m A Fantastic Wreck and What You Mean To Me.


I sprinted back to the meeting spot, grabbed Mitch and sprinted back down to the stage to see The Smith Street Band. These guys are so good, with their rock/punk style, and the lead singer Will Wagner is just an all-round cool guy. He talked about his battle with depression which is the meaning behind I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore, he stopped when he saw someone fall down in the crowd and made sure they got back up again, and they sounded fantastic. Songs to note are Birthdays, Young Drunk, and of course you can never go past Death To The Lads, screaming ‘GET OUTTA MY FUCKING FACE MATE’ along with the whole crowd was the best.


We were super bloody lucky Tash Sultana was well enough to make it after having to cancel her performance the day before, but there is no way in hell you thought she was suffering through laryngitis, I hadn’t realised how much of a performer she was until I started seeing all the videos come out of the One Night Stand last weekend, she is a one woman show, recording all her sounds and looping them live on stage, singing, playing electric drums, shredding guitar solos, beat boxing, and then just when you think she can’t impress you anymore she brings out the pan flute. The bloody pan flute! I’ve never seen anyone look so cool playing a pan flute in my life! Her favourite song of mine would have to be Notion, there’s just one note in there when she’s singing, just the texture of her voice is amazing.

Another bit of a break and we sat and listened to the Jungle Giants in the distance until sunset when Thundamentals came on. I’ve seen these boys twice already before, but I don’t think I could ever get sick of seeing them on stage. Singing along, jumping around and waving our middle fingers in the air, these Aussie hip hop boys are so much fun, even better when Montaigne jumped up on stage with them for Sally. Picking favourite songs of these guys is hard, but Smiles Don’t Lie is my ultimate, as well as Something That I Said, Never Say Never and their version of Matt Corby’s Brother.

I stayed around to watch a bit of George Maple, completely forgetting Milky Chance on the other stage and most of Pnau but we got back in time to see Embrace but missed Chameleon and Wild Strawberries which I was a tad devo about!

Then The Darkness came on. I’m sure these guys have more than one song but we were all there for one song and one song only. And we waited. And it did not disappoint. Screaming along to I Believe In A Thing Called Love’s super high notes I’m sure did nothing for my already disintegrating voice, but really, you can’t not when that song comes on, there’s no other way to sing it.

I then realised The Wombats were on next, I was looking forward to them, but I really had no idea how long I had been waiting to see these guys and how much I had loved them for until they came on stage. The fact they haven’t released any new music in a few years took nothing away from their performance, in fact it probably made it better because I knew the words to every single song already, and I apologised to the people around me as I bounced around in ecstasy for the whole set, until finally Let’s Dance To Joy Division came on, and memories of year 11 came flooding back. That song is now 11ish years old but it is still one of my all-time favourites. I may have jumped and danced a little too hard, and is probably the main reason all of my muscles are still aching now. The only disappointing part of this set was they didn’t play Kill The Director, but I won’t take points off them for that.


Finally for the night, the Violent Soho boys. I knew these guys would be amazing, and they did not disappoint. Highlight obviously is Covered In Chrome, that song is amazing to listen to and friggen amazing to be a part of the live crowd. Whilst they didn’t give into the crowd chanting ‘Shoey’ at them, these boys rocked out every single song they did. Other highlights were Like Soda, So Sentimental, Viceroy, dammit everything they did! And then once they finished and everyone cleared out one of the boys jumped down to meet those that hadn’t run off to see Dillon Francis, these boys are just legends, and if you missed hearing their Take 5 with Zan Rowe a few months ago then you missed one of the most hilarious times on radio as they told stories about being sick, which was mainly them just wagging school and getting sick from steaming shoey’s.


So that’s it, two days on and I’m still recovering, and whilst I look back wistfully I know it wasn’t all amazing as the big crowds gave me pretty bad anxiety and a borderline panic attack, but I pushed on and man I’m glad I did because I won’t be having a day like that again anytime soon. Appreciate the live music you see because they are bloody amazing for what they do.

Lots of love,